Which Frame Material for me?

Aluminum Frames
Cheap, stiff and light! It's the most popular frame material now and perfect for racing or recreation rides. The most cost effective material.

Carbon Frames
It's light and stiff ! The perfect frame material for racing.

Titanium Frames
Titanium frames are not the lightest and stiffest but it's the most lasting. It's the frame material that will still look new after 10 years of use. Its corrosion resistant property is also perfect for triathlete who needs to ride their bike after a swim at the sea.

What Frame Size?

All our road frames are in slopping geometry design which fits Asians better with longer torso. Therefore frame fit should be base on top tube length and not the seat tube length!

Below is a rough guide for road frame size selection,
Rider height 1.60m to 1.70m -> Fusion Size "XS" Road Frames
Rider height 1.70m to 1.75m -> Fusion Size "S" Road Frames
Rider height 1.75m to 1.80m -> Fusion Size "M" Road Frames
Rider height 1.80m to 1.85m -> Fusion Size "L" Road Frames
Rider height 1.85m to 1.90m -> Fusion Size "XL" Road Frames

Fusion Road Bikes

Giant Road Bikes

Liv Road Bikes

Giant/Liv Tri Bikes

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