About Us

Fusion bikes are direct from builders based in TAIWAN which is the world No.1 in bicycle production. The truth behind bicycle industry is that most of items you know came from Taiwan. Since what you pay under the label is from Taiwan, WHY PAY SO MUCH FOR A PIECE OF DECAL FROM THE WEST! At Fusion Cycles you pay for the products alone and not the markup.

Why are my prices so low?

* I had a full time job and I don't make a living out of selling bikes.
* I don't run a bike shop.
* I go "DIRECT", no middle man to markup the price.

Why only one to five years Warranty?

Most of manufacturer's defects will show up within a year of riding. After years of riding most frame failures are due to fatigue, wear and tear. These conditions are not covered by warranty and it's true for most manufacturers.

We are not alone as most European marks has two years warranty too. We see no reasons paying more for longer warranty when it doesn't apply. Therefore we did rather keep the price down than lengthen the warranty period.

Do I supply items not listed on my website?

I am sorry to say that all items that I carries are listed on my website. For items not listed please purchase from their dealers for best price.

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